The Meaning Of War In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet Paper- Meaning of War War is a constant presence on our planet. Ever since the fall of man there have been personal disputes, conflicts between tribes and groups of people, and full-blown wars between nations or alliances. Although the United States may be in peacetime and the prospect of war is relatively far off, there are wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and many other countries that have claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers, as well as innocent civilians. When confronted with this immense loss of life, one is compelled to ask the question, Why? Why do governments feel the need to declare war against each other? Why is there enough hatred and animosity among groups of people on this Earth for us to kill each other in cold blood? Is there meaning behind war? Hamlet asked a similar question as he pondered the loss of life of Fortinbras’ army in Poland. Although Hamlet seems to believe in the meaninglessness of war and life in general, wars have meaning because they represent causes for which people will give up their lives.…show more content…
These more primitive roots of war have developed into something a surprising number of people rally around and support. Scientists have determined that war has positive psychological effects because it creates a central conflict to rally around with a community of other people. This “brings a sense of cohesion, with communal goals, and inspires individual citizens (not just soldiers) to behave honourably and unselfishly, in the service of a greater good” (Taylor). Although it might be disconcerting to accept that war actually brings people together, that fact reinforces that meaning does exist behind war because people will not come together and risk their lives for something

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