Definition Essay: How Do People Achieve Success?

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Success With diverse cultural background and various lifestyles, different people have their own definition of success. Some people deem that success means possessing plenty of money or owning high social status. Some people in impoverished area considers that success is improving their living condition and bettering their dietary condition. Despite different explanations toward success, people are required to put lots of effort to attain success. In my opinion, success means that pursing you goal strenuously without giving up. A great deal of people fails because they frequently abandon their goal. Without continuous effort, hardly can people achieve success. If people renounce their aims once problems came up, he will never obtain the sense of achievement. People abandoning their objectives believe that they will not attain success even if they have paid much effort. However, they will draw a lesson about why they fail and when they set another goal, they can know how to handle problems or difficulties and this time they will have high possibility of fulfilling your goal. In order to…show more content…
They think some people became successful is that they are lucky. It is wrong. Many people work hard to realize their goals, they pay efforts and they do not give up. Not seeing their endeavor and persistence does not mean they do not work hard and persistently. When you are sleeping or playing, they are working hard toward their goals, so how do you see their efforts and diligence? Success the people who work diligently achieve, some people reach the conclusion that they succeed because of good luck and this is quite ridiculous and inaccurate. Hardworking and perseverant, people achieve success. If we do no witness a person's diligence and perseverance cannot come to the conclusion that their success is because good luck and maybe they work diligently at a place where we do not pay attention to
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