Meaningful Learning Skills

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IMPROVING QUALITY OF LEARNING PHYSICAL WITH meaningful learning process in applying mind mapping method


General Physics is one of the subjects that is felt difficult by every FMIPA student of State University of Padang (UNP). This is indicated by low student achievement. This condition is suspected because students can not understand the concept of physics concept well. So it needs to be improved learning that can improve physics understanding easily

Studying the material of General Physics requires a strong understanding of concepts. If the basic concept that has been owned well, it will be able to solve the physical problems faced. And make physics learning fun. Thus, the lecturer should make a meaningful learning design that
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The concept of learning is changing from lecturers teaching to student learning. The assumption of this shift is based on students who are expected to improve their ability in enriching knowledge, attitudes and skills based on competencies in the curriculum. Thus, it can be said that student activeness is an indicator of meaningful learning.

Meaningful learning is an approach in the management of learning systems through active learning ways toward independent learning. The ability to learn independently is the ultimate goal of meaningful learning. To be able to achieve this, lectures are designed in such a way as to be meaningful for students. So, meaningful learning occurs when the student plays an active role in the learning process and is finally able to decide what to learn and how to learn it

Through meaningful learning the students are expected to be better able to recognize and develop all the knowledge they have. In addition, students are also fully aware of the importance of using the various learning resources that surround them, encouraging students to think systematically, critically, responsively. cultivate an active learning ability in students and explore the ability of students and lecturers to jointly develop in a variety of knowledge of skills and experience. Thus, can solve problems in everyday life through the search for information useful to
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Concept maps are an efficient strategy for meaningful learning. The findings prove that the concept map approach really helps students in learning.

Implementation of concept maps in order to be implemented effectively and efficiently, the lecturer should assign the students in concept map before the subject or sub-topic is presented, so that the students can read the material before it is taught, so the student will become active in the lecture when the lecturer teaches the material or when other students are presenting the concept map material.

In addition, the implementation of concept maps can inspire the spirit of student learning, as well as demands in meaningful learning. This statement is similar to what is found in the results of research conducted by Zubaidah et al. (2000). Lecturers are not too exhausted in presenting the material, because students already have the concept through independent learning. Concept maps can help students in terms of strengthening memories of the concepts studied, so by creating a concept map students are invited to learn while interpreting the learning material

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