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1. In your own words, briefly, define “Meaningful Use”, “ARRA” and “HITECH ACT” as they relate to healthcare information technology (1 -2 sentence for each term). - Meaning Use: it is the way in which EHR is use to help improve the quality, safety, efficiency, in the health care profession. It also help provide privacy and security for patient health record. Meaning Use overall helps improve the health care outcomes (Health It, n.d). - ARRA: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009), that was passed in February. This act is to increase in federal matching money for state Medicaid programs, health coverage for laid off workers along with funding for health IT (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2009). - HITECH ACT: The health Information…show more content…
In your professional work setting, have you heard discussions of “meaningful use”? If so, what have the discussions been about? Working at the Adult Day Health, I have never heard the term “meaningful use” until this week discussion. Learning about different database, I feel like our company seems to be very behind and need a lot of improvement when it comes to charting or better ways to document our clients. o 4. Stage I is currently underway. Stage II was just recently finalized in the last week. Stage III have not yet fully been defined. To what extent do you find that the Stage I & II requirements reflect meaningful objectives toward the delivery of care to the patient population you…show more content…
By charting the information on the database, it allows all of the staffs that are involve with the patient care will be able to access it and communicate through it. With those information, it also allow the patient to have access as well to their health record and see what is going on. It allows patient to ask any question about their health. In our Adult Day Health Program, our database system is not advance to allow patient have access to their file. However, staffs members in the program do have access to the patient online file and can read what is going on from with the patient regarding their health, social service related, and their social interaction activities involvement in the program. o 5. How has the HITECH act influenced HIPAA? With the HITECH act it provides significant impact on HIPAA. It provides annual guidance about to secure health information and notification requirments in the event of a breach in the security of health information has been enhance. It also allow patient to have the right to select who can have access to their health record. The HITECH act has strengthen HIPAA regulation to all health care profession (Mastrian & McGonigle, 2012).

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