Advantages And Disadvantages Of Altruism

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so strike a balance, happier few relationships are way better than innumerable meaningless relationships. Taking timely vacations with loved ones are also important as it de-stresses, relaxes, refreshes and restores energy to face the world again. Avoid getting addicted to social media updating status every now and then and checking your phone every few minutes makes you anxious remember that its a virtual world and in no way replaces your real relationship. *14 Do some voluntary work, help other people, put a smile on the less fortunate, it will make you feel better altruism to some extent will bring a sense of achievement and a lot of happiness so take some time off for some others who are less fortunate than you, you could do some voluntary…show more content…
So start by applying a lip primer a concealer or a foundation to your lip let it settle, then using a lip liner start out lining your lips from the cupid bow by making a cross on the cupid bow now remember if your lips are too big draw the cross inside the actual bow and if your lips are thin draw them a little over your actual lip line then draw the lower lip, again start from the middle same rule applies for the lower lip draw inside your lip if its too big and a little outside your lip line if its too thin how ever if you have the right lips just draw on your lip line. After your done with the middle draw the corners start from the outer edge and join the cross on top and draw from outer edge and join the middle line on the lower lip do the same on both sides. The lip liner should match the colour of your lipstick and if you don't have the same colour go in for a nude lip liner. The lip liner not only defines your lip it also helps the lipstick to stay in its place and not bleed. Now you are ready to fill in the actual lipstick either with a lip brush or using the lipstick directly . I personally like to use the lipstick directly and finish the sides with the brush.*23 Day time: After your done with the primer and lip liner choose a shade of lipstick that goes with the colour of your outfit, if you do not have the same shade go in for similar shade, never contrast your clothes and lipstick colours, always match them. During the day try to use only the mat finish and go in for lighter shades like peaches and pinks also you can use the colour stay ones if you can not touch up for long

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