Measles And Rubella Research Paper

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MMR is an abbreviation for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Measles and Rubella is a rash that is caused by a virus that begins from the face and spreads throughout the body. Mumps causes swelling of the glands right below the ears. This vaccination is a two shot series. Its best to have the first shot take between the 12 to 15 months of birth. The second shot should be taken between the ages 4 to 6. The reason the shot should be taken at an early stage in life is because, as infants, the immune system isn 't as strong to fight off viruses and infections. After the first shot is given the infant grows a healthy, strong immune against MMR. The second is not a booster shot, but more or a smaller dose of the vaccine to help the very small percentage of children who did not grow a faster immune to produce a more secure immune against MMR. MMR vaccine is very important because the measles virus can infect the lungs and cause pneumonia. In older children, if not treated properly, measles can cause inflammation of the brain called encephalitis which can lead to seizures and brain damage. Before the vaccine mumps was the common cause of meningitis. It can also infect the testicles and can lead to infertility. Rubella, also known as German measles, can be very risky if a…show more content…
The vaccine doesn 't cause any severe side effects. But some do experience fever or minor soreness and redness where they received the shot. MMR has also been linked to causing autism. There has been no convincing evidence that an MMR vaccine leads to autism but parents have noticed symptoms of autism after a few months of their children receiving the vaccine. But like mentioned before the CDC hasn 't approved and evidence of both being linked to one another. The MMR vaccine is also highly recommended, and in some states required by law, that all children have this vaccine before they begin school because they can pass the virus or catch the virus from other children who have not yet been treated for

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