Elements Of Comedy In Shakespeare

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Spotlighting on the Dark Comic Comedy during Shakespeare’s time was a little different from the comedy that we know today. The comedy in Shakespeare’s time was more of a story that had a happy ending. It also emphasizes on the current situation than the life of a character. It is visible in the play Measure for Measure when the ruler slowly became tempted by the nun which signified corruption in the system. There were also times when the mood became light and made the audience laugh, which also shows comedy in the story. Actually, comedy already existed during the Grecian times! Aristotle says that comedy brings forth happiness from a person’s heart, and thinks that it is the final goal we all share. But then, Plato says that it destroys one’s self because of violent laughter and the like. He says that if we want to achieve an ideal state, we should maintain self-control in the matter. Shakespeare made a lot of comedies and became a huge success, but one of them, Measure for Measure, was a comedy and at the same time, a tragedy. It then became a problem play where the feeling is unusual whether it should be comedy or tragedy. There is always that one person who is dragged through things. He wakes up, goes to school, then suddenly experience a happening in which he was never part of but somehow, was brought into it. It’s…show more content…
The city of Vienna faced the social problems on immorality due to illicit sex and prostitution in which both of these crooked acts caused not only the spread of veneral disease but also bastardism. In the play, sex was inevitably associated with death by the virtue of the law. Mistress Overdone operated a whorehouse in the city. However, this business has been proclaimed to banned and shut down throughout Vienna. Likewise, the law was against premarital sex. Having committed sex outside of marriage, Claudio has been arrested for this act and was judged to be punished with
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