Measure For Measure Shakespeare Analysis

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The second play is a comedy titles ‘Measure for Measure’, written in 1603. It circles around the fate of Claudio, who is arrested by Lord Angelo, the temporary leader of Vienna, for impregnating his fiancé. Despite being a comedy, Measure for Measure is one of the Shakespeare’s most politically resonant plays. The play was written at a political turning point in England, as the Tudor line had ended and there was a new king James, and like ‘Julius Caesar’, Shakespeare uses a different setting (Vienna) but actually reflects on political changes or concerns in England. The Duke’s character in the play is often understood to represent an oblique comment on the new, unknown King. Richard Levin’s complaint, first lodged over twenty years ago, that such a critical approach (what he mockingly referred to as the "King James Version" of Measure for Measure) failed to produce compelling evidence of the play 's actual connection to James. However, there are some clear connections that are difficult to dismiss. Therefore, the first political aspect worth exploring is how Shakespeare’s character parallels the King at the time. From scholarly accounts of James’ courts it can be said that he used sermons and religious hierarchy to promote political ends. James also participated in political and religious debates as another voice rather than as King. Therefore, an argument with some merit is that the Duke’s disguise represents these important characteristics of the English King, as he deals
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