Meat Consumption In Human Food

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Meat consumption has a long history in human evolution. Meat consumption varies worldwide depend on culture or religion. Pork, chicken, and beef are consumed commonly in the world. Besides, pet animals like dogs are consumed by humans in some cultures. However, from the fact that three-quarters of the world 's dog population are kept as pets (Coppinger).It is undoubtedly caused some people to totally disagree with the practice of dog meat consumption. Dogs can give plenty of benefits to human; such as guarding house, assisting police and also aiding the disabled and these make the dogs different from other animals. They think that dogs are more than pets, they are friends and part of the family, so eating dogs is like eating friends which is barbarous. Therefore, the organizations about animal right are concerned about the cruelty in the trading and killing processes due to many evidence of the animal cruelty (Webber).The health experts are also worried about the unknown diseases from dog meat trading, increasing a significant human health risk through the transmission of animal-borne diseases (Webber).
However, people who eat dogs should not be judged as barbarians and should be more accepted by other people who keep dogs as pets because of many reasons. First, it is noticeable that the conflict mostly came from the difference of cultures. Some cultures, using dogs as medicine and a source of food is common because it has been practiced for a long time, such as in China and

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