Meat Paradox Research Paper

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Since the early stages of civilization, meat has been a staple in the dietary consumption known to humankind. The meat paradox is to like eating meat, but at the same time to dislike the act of killing and harming animals. This meat paradox challenges the morality and ethics of humans. Some vegetarians could have trouble with understanding this concept, where it is okay to eat meat from an animal, yet harming an animal is morally incorrect. The act of slaughtering an animal would seem cruel enough, no? 90 percent of our population consumes meat are aware of the fact that it comes from an animal that has short lived their lives due to our dietary practices. Vegetarians are not victims to this meat paradox because of their moral concern for animals. According to the reading The Psychology of Eating Animals, the paradoxical behavior of eating meat can be articulated and justified by explaining the mental, social and physical characteristics of the eater, the eaten, and the eating.

Nobody looks at Wilber from Charlotte’s web and thinks" yum, he looks like a delicious piece of bacon.” Omnivores have mentally conditioned themselves to believe it is morally acceptable to consume certain types of meat; this would pertain to cows, chicken, pigs, sheep and goats. Research shows that they justify the act of eating meat as a natural part of life by convincing themselves that the animals they are consuming have lesser minds, therefore they feel less pain. By limiting their capacity to

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