Meat Production Effects

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More than 70 billion animals are farmed for food each year, this fact makes one wonder whether or not we are over consuming meat. Are we demanding too much animal produce? According to LEAD (2006) global meat consumption is expected to double between now and 2050. This means that production of meat will increase and more resources (i.e. land water and energy) will be utilized to accommodate the increase in meat production. Meat production has both positive and negative impacts on humanity; meat production is beneficial because it plays an important role in the livelihood of many impoverished rural communities and also provides animal protein for the human race. However, the production of meat globally has various negative impacts on the environment.…show more content…
The global production of animal products aids in the destruction of water quality worldwide. FAO (2009) mentions that the water quality is tainted through the release of nitrogen, phosphorous, pathogens and other substances which goes into water ways and groundwater mainly from manure production in intensive livestock. Accordingly, poor manure management results in the pollution of surface and ground water. Air quality is also impacted by meat production; meat production contributes to the level of ammonia, which is released from manure and urine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and other harmful substances. Samer (2016) refers to hydrogen sulphide as “an aggressive trace gas”, it is emitted in large amounts after manure is broken down anaerobically during sometime in storage. Furthermore, Hydrogen Sulphide is known to be hazardous to the environment, specifically ecological systems when released, therefore, aiding in the depletion and degradation of ecosystems. Another factor which impacts the air quality is dust emissions; dust is a primary source of contamination in livestock buildings, Dust released from meat production is hazardous as it transmits pathogens, bacteria and microbes in the atmosphere which affects health and the environment accordingly. Other substances impacts air quality like carbon monoxide which is made from the incomplete combustion of fuels inside…show more content…
The global production of meat impacts the environment directly through the release of methane from animals, release of hazardous substances in water sources from factories and the release of ammonia, dust and hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere and indirectly through the release of excess CO2 from deforestation and the depletion of land and water resources as well as biodiversity. It is safe to assert based on the evidence provided that we are demanding too much animal produce; because of the high demand of animal produce, producers continuously have to utilize resources and therefore contribute to the destruction of the environment. For that reason, the government probably should place a restriction on the quantity of animal produce demanded and supplied or we as consumers should adapt a plant based diet or become
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