Meatballs: The Different Types Of Nerds

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The world is filled with many different stereotypes, but there is one in particular that truly sticks out like a sore thumb, the nerds. Nerds have their own way of doing things, and the majority of them are very intelligent. They can also be seen as the dweebs in society because they never want to have fun. They can also be seen of as dorks because they are socially awkward towards other crowds and do not fit in. Nerds can be classified into many different types: smartly innovative, stuck up, as well as quietly evil. The nerds that are described as the ones who always make the best grades, but sooner or later they are the ones who make most of our lives a lot easier. There seems to be a time when they have become very innovative in their society and make many accomplishments in the future. These people strive to make a difference in the society that they sometimes feel unwanted in. In the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Flint Lockwood tries so hard to find a way in which the people do not have to keep eating sardines. Flint then decides to make a machine in which different varieties of food, that rely solely on the amount of precipitation, floods the island once it gets shot in the sky. Flint Lockwood is an example of how a nerd tries to benefit the society as a whole rather than to just himself and becomes the town’s…show more content…
A menace that portrays this devilish role would be Randall from the movie Monster’s Inc. Although Randall is a very intelligent monster, his pride gets in the way when he tries to find a way to beat Sulley in the scream collection competition. Randall tries to kidnap a human girl in order to take away her scream so he could beat Sulley in the competition. Sulley and Mike are then held responsible for the little girl because they saved her from Randall before he could extract the screams. Randall is truly wise, but he is also

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