Meatless Butcher Store Analysis

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Apparently one of the new trends for those trendy folks out in Minneapolis, Minn., is a meatless butcher shop. Yep, a meatless butcher shop that also has cheese-less cheese.
The Herbivorous Butcher, the first meatless butcher shop in the United States, opened its doors about a year ago, and has been selling meatless bologna, smoky barbequed ribs (doesn’t distinguish if they are beef or pork flavored), ham, bacon, filet mignon, chicken, pepperoni, and other fabricated treats to a multitude of customers. News footage showed customers lined up down the block when the shop opened.
The meat-free meats, according to the store’s website, are handmade in small batches and contain protein-rich ingredients like wheat gluten, yeast, soy, miso (which
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While many people opt for the vegan lifestyle because they disagree with animal agriculture — be it meat or dairy production — in my humble, and somewhat bias opinion, others who are going to the store, as well as other retail outlets across the nation that offer similar products, are standing in line for the exact thing they have been complaining about — “manufactured food products.” The products are just dressed up as something other than what they really are, so I guess it is the vegan equivalent of mystery meat.
When you boil it all down just about everything we consume has been “manufactured” in some way. I can remember manufacturing lots of food when I was a kid.
We manufactured butter just about every Saturday in old mayonnaise jars. We’d shake and roll the jars filled with fresh cream, skimmed from the raw milk that either an old Jersey or Guernsey cow manufactured, with a pinch of

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