Mebane And The Blizzard Voice

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The article “Blizzard!” by Jeanie Mebane and the poem from “The Blizzard Voice” by Ted Kooser both portray the blizzards of 1888. For example, the first sentence of the article “Blizzard!” says “no one on the prairie was prepared for the violent blizzard” that shows the reader that it's not just a couple of inches of snow, it shows that the blizzard will be windy and there will be a lot of snow and damage, also the fact that no one was expecting it makes it a whole lot worse. Another example is in paragraph 5 “Hunt and her students were blinded by the force of the blizzard and almost immediate felt their eyelashes crust over with ice.” Even though it doesn't specifically say that it's windy you just know because of the details. Also in the
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