Mechanical Engineering: A Career In Mechanical Engineering

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It is easy to see a career in mechanical engineering as a monotonous or routine job where you are stuck doing the same thing in a restrained fashion for your entire career. However, an article from Columbia University states that the discipline of mechanical engineering not only helps you with solving problems and designing machines, it helps with team building, leadership, and the “ability to overcome all constraints”, which can also help you as an engineer pursue other positions in different fields of engineering. Mechanical engineering can go from suspension in an automobile to targeting devices in advanced weaponry. Furthermore, engineers in this field also have the chance to learn about aerospace, thermodynamics, cartilage-tissue engineering, the automotive industry, and many various kinds of fields. Mechanical engineering simply deals with anything that moves or uses energy. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers informs us that, “Mechanical engineers create and develop mechanical systems for all of humankind. Concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion, mechanical engineers use their knowledge of design, manufacture, and operational processes to advance the world around us — enhancing safety, economic vitality and enjoyment throughout the world.” Consequently. this profession requires a minimum bachelor’s degree. It all depends on which part of mechanical engineering an engineer wants to go into. For example, fluid mechanics engineers are less
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