Mechanical Engineering Ambition

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I always believe that engineering is a thread that connects our thoughts and actions. It is the key to the future that transforms our objective knowledge to innovations and inventions. Technology has the power to change this world and peoples ' perceptions. In fact, several of the modern discoveries today were once considered to be a fiction. Thanks to the advancement in the field of engineering, which has helped us in bringing our dreams to reality. Mechanical Engineering is a very important branch of engineering which requires pragmatic approach, problem solving capacity and in-depth knowledge of the subject. It has a complete hegemony when it comes to day to day practical applications. I fell in love with the course because unlike other courses, in mechanical engineering we can practically experiment all that we have learnt. This very quality of the course has allured me to do my higher education in the field, so that I can research and learn more. I think that engineering is incomplete without the thorough research in the field. My professor always used to tell, "either study thoroughly or don 't." These words constantly echo in my mind and this is what has made me to do justice to the field I have chosen by pursuing my higher studies in this very field. When I see a Mechanical Engineer, I see a dreamer, creator and a pursuer of an ultimate goal. So, it would be my pleasure to project myself as a 'complete ' mechanical engineer.

I have had several unanswered questions
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