Mechanical Engineering Motivation Essay

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Motivational Letter (Mechanical Engineering) At this stage of my career, I feel confident that my educational and professional qualification have strengthen my goals and have developed a keen desire in me to pursue master’s course (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering from your esteemed university. This would allow me to delve deeper into individual aspects of Design and Manufacturing by studying them in greater detail and also to gain practical experience. Being an engineer, it always had been a passion for me to explore the world of machines, the world of designing. How these computer controlled machines works and how automations can be integrated into a machine very effectively to achieve what desired and this is what boosted me to pursue a graduate study in it.
As far as my educational background is concerned, I have completed my initial schooling in Pakistan. I was admitted in one of the top renowned engineering universities of Pakistan NED University of Engineering and Technology. As the love for machines and design grew, I choose Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate major.
During my undergraduate study, I gained an ample and wide knowledge in different courses like Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Gas turbine, Internal Combustion engine, Gas Dynamics, Steam
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Since Pakistan’s auto industry sector is one of the booming industrial sectors as compared with other sectors. Since Pakistan auto industry R&D Sector is still in an embryo state, therefore a degree in Mechanical engineering will help to recognize my true potential to solve industrial problems through computer based engineering but also can help to perform my duties efficiently in order to make Pakistan auto industry a global player. Thus, conditions in my homeland are very conducive to increase my aspirations when I will return after completing my postgraduate

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