Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

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In this incessantly expanding world of technology, Mechanical Engineering is among the oldest professions. With the arrival of my first bicycle at the age of 10, the thought of joining the leagues of Mechanical Engineers’ crossed my mind. As I grew up, I started repairing the bicycle on my own using my father’s tools, which only motivated me to pursue what I had once anticipated. My interest in science dates back to my years in high school, where I excelled in math, physics, and chemistry. While growing up, my father instilled the habit of watching Discovery channel which not only increased my power of imagination but also helped me to develop it as one of my inherent strengths. It appeared to be just plausible that I pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. When I started my undergraduate career, the exposure to the vast range of engineering courses, all of which inclined me to solidify my intense interest in engineering. Various subjects like Design of Machine Elements, Theory of Machines, Strength of Materials, Dynamics of Machinery, Mechanical System Design, CAD/CAM revealed to me the infinite horizon of Mechanical Engineering. As I firmly believe in learning practically, this empowered me to score more than 90% marks in practical labs of all earlier mentioned courses and kept myself occupied with many industrial visits. It was not until the end of the third year when I got an opportunity to have an industrial training in Indian Ordnance Factory that I understood the
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