Mechanical Model Of Health And Healing Essay

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Professional Presence
Models of Health and Healing
In the Mechanical Model that was developed in the 1860s, also known as Era I, health and illness were considered to be absolutely physical in nature. All humanistic features in the mind such as consciousness and spiritual or emotional aspects were solely in the brain and were not considered to cause illness. Therefore, treatments and therapies for healing would only occur by medicine or surgery.
Similar to the Mechanical Model, during the 1950s, the Body-Mind Model was created, otherwise known as Era II. The Body-Mind Model includes a person’s consciousness, feelings, beliefs and spirits. It was believed to affect our bodies as well as cause illnesses. Thus, the physical and psychological state of humans must work together during the healing process. For instance, anxiety, fear or stress can cause numerous illnesses like insomnia, heart disease and obesity. Compared to the Era I, Era II is considerably advanced in the concept of healing. Like Era I, Era II offers the emotional perspective that coexists within us which can directly affect our health. Despite their differences, both are essential to allow optimal healthy healing. When it comes to improving our health, our bodies are naturally and deeply connected to our consciousness. Whether it is a positive or negative emotion, whether it is happiness or sadness that we feel, this can directly affect our
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As for my own professional presence compared to the Body-Mind Model not only do I consider the physical body and mind but I also recognize the influences of social and environmental factors such as, relationships, socioeconomic status and even a person’s climate. I believe that one’s mental, physical, and environmental state is of great importance when it comes to the practice of health and

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