Mechanical Monsters Film Analysis

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Alex Smith
Samantha Frye
ENG 102
18 February 2015
Mechanical Monsters Wondering what a war between humans and sea creatures is not often something a person thinks about on a daily basis, but with more robotic movies being released every year, including more robots themselves being built to take a part on earth, there was bound to eventually be a film with human controlling robots in war against deadly sea creatures. If film watchers were eventually expecting such happenings, Guillermo Del Toro’s action-packed Pacific Rim, Produced July 12 of 2013, is the perfect example. The portrayals in the movie are very well input and give great interest in the movie. Even for a girl the film was seemingly interesting with constant action and no downtime
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Soon the Jaegers are replaced by massive walls and the remaining Jaegers are reassigned to Hong Kong, China where they will guard the construction of the wall. Eventually a discovery is made that the Kaiju are not sea creature like, but clone weapons of an alien colony who wishes to conquer the earth. The Jaeger operators come up with a plan to destroy the portal and end up sacrificing the Jaeger machines to save the human race from total…show more content…
Both young and old and as a matter of fact, all ages in between could enjoy this film. It has all the action and high intensity scenes along with the giant mystifying creatures and masterfully man-made combat machines that would thrill any young person, and a great story with a great cast to follow alongside the exceptional graphics and high energy to thrill adults even middle-aged. “If I were nine years old, I would see the monsters-versus-robots adventure Pacific Rim 50 times. Because I'm in my forties and have two kids and two jobs, I'll have to be content with seeing it a couple more times in theaters and re-watching it on video.” (Seitz 1). It is just one of those films that you can watch several times, over and over again, because of the creativity, the way the movie flows, and never ending excitement that comes with

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