Vibration In Music Industry

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Introduction Vibration is an everyday activity that we meet on our life. Most engineering machines and structures face vibrations. Mechanical vibration is a measurement of a periodic action of oscillations with respect to an equilibrium point. All bodies possessing mass and elasticity have the ability to vibrate. Vibration can be categorized into two types such as free vibration and force vibration. A vibrating system that occurs naturally without energy added to the system. The vibration is started with an amount of energy and there is no external forces. So the amplitude of vibration will be constant. This is theoretically true but in real systems, energy is wasted due to damp. So the amplitude will be decreased to zero. Swing and simple…show more content…
These construction failure mainly created by the resonance. So engineers have to identify the natural frequency of a construction and they have to build the construction without resonance. They use shock mounts to absorb resonance and vanish absorbed energy, so the construction will be safe. So they can decrease the damage of construction by earthquakes. In road construction, vibrating rollers are used to compact the surface. 3.Music industry Sound are created by vibrations. So in music industry, a lot of musical instruments produce a lot of different types of good sounds. These sounds are created by different type of vibrations. In string instruments such as guitar, violin etc, sounds are created by vibrating the strings. In percussion instruments such as drum, bongo and etc, sounds are generated by sticking or scraping . In wind instruments such as trumpet, flute and etc, sounds are created by vibration of air. These vibrations are carried through the air to man. 4.Food…show more content…
But the string may have friction and rust. So we can't find the correct resonance point. This practical was done in a open environment. Wind may change the vibrations and reading. The springs have mass but we neglect that mass in this practical. Mass must vibrates vertically in this practical. Sometimes mass vibrated horizontally because that springs didn't connected properly to mass. Possible remedies We can use following ways to correct this practical errors Scale reading is important to draw graph. So we have to measure accurate reading by using a computer based measuring scales. As well as there will not be observer's error. Can't stop damping in this practical. So we can reduce that damping by using frictionless strings. We must stop the effect of wind in this practical. So we have to fix this apparatus into a glass box and make that box as a airless box. We must use less weight springs for this practical to avoid errors in calculations because this mass can change the final value. We haven't enough time to observe the correct value of amplitude. So if we use heavy weight, vibrating time a vibration will be increase. So easy to find the correct

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