Mechatronics Engineering Personal Statement

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Mechatronics have always been my passion. It began when, as a young boy, I saw my uncle, a vehicle mechanic fixing up his car and overhauling the engine with utmost interest and dedication. As I grew up, I started helping him sometimes in the process and gradually found the electro-mechanics of vehicles interesting and motivating. But the question ‘how’ repeated and reverberated in my mind countless number of times. Most of these inquiries I have encountered have been close to: “How does this system work?” or “How are these components designed?” All these curiosities led me to find myself pursuing an undergraduate program in Mechatronics Engineering. The program took me through the pathway with a display of replies to those questions along with answers to numerous unasked ones. The journey, instead of lessening the density of queries that clouded my mind, intensified it. My keenness…show more content…
My inclination towards mechatronics found a practical form during my internship at Ashok Leyland (Industry chapter), the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, where I was exposed to in depth knowledge about industrial design practices and problem-solving techniques which helped me to solve long lasting problems including “Shift Cable failure in the Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) vehicles” and “Heavy warranty failures involved in Over Drive Gear Pitting at Tipper and Haulage Trucks”. During this task, I was introduced to AVL Cruise, a vehicle performance simulation software and ROMAX Designer which simulates real-time road load data on the concept level gearbox. This experience further reinforced my disposition to join an automotive industry where mechatronics plays a vital role. Eventually I joined Rane Group of
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