Medcial Assistant Case Study

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Immediate Actions of the Medcial Assistant:
The standard care for this emergency is to get medical attention immediatley. Then care for patient untill help arrive.Frist if the paptient has a EpiPen follow the direction and package insert.Until the EMS come a mdeical assistant can lay the patient down,loosen the patient 's clothing,check for an open airway, and check breathing. Help patient maintain normal body temperature, reassure the patient,elevate patients legs abot 12 inches unless you suspect head and spinal injuris, or broken bones.Last keep monitoring the patient vitas sign until help arives( the book)
Assess the Equipment,Supplies, and Medication Necessary:
All that can be used are EpiPen,EpiPen Jr, Benadryl,Epinephrine and anything
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