Medea By Creon Speech

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betrayed his children and his wife, married the Princess, King Creon’s daughter, Glauce and now sleeps in a royal bed. Meanwhile, my mistress, Medea, the Fates fully against her and feeling totally dejected, screams and cries out at him, asking him to remember his promises to her. Asks him to remember the mighty oaths he had sworn for her. She calls upon the Gods to bear witness to the awful way Jason rewards her for her obedience and for her compromises and for all the accommodating she did for him and for all the love she lavished upon him. She lies there, in her bed all day. From the moment she found out about her husband’s adultery, she lies there, the poor creature, unable to put a bite in her mouth. She has completely abandoned her body to her pain.…show more content…
I am afraid that her mind might concoct some awful violence! Plunge a sharp sword into her heart. And I’m afraid she’s capable of working her way into the palace, enter the king’s chambers and murder the princess and Jason, her groom! Plunge a sharp knife deep into their body. Her reward for that deed would be horrible. I am so afraid! I’m afraid of her violence. I’m afraid because those who cross angry words with her never win. Enter Tutor with Medea’s two boys. Ah! And here are her little boys! Playtime over, darlings? What few cares enter the minds of children! How little they know of their mother’s fears! Children don’t like to think ugly thoughts. 49 Tutor: Old woman, you are the servant of my mistress, why are you standing out here, in front of the gates, all alone, wailing the pains of your soul? How is Medea managing without you? Nurse: Old man, you are the tutor of Jason’s children and you should know that what worries a mistress worries her servants –if they are good servants! Their souls ache just as much as that of their mistress. I’m out here, old man, because my heart urged me to reveal to both, the Earth and the Sky, all of my Lady’s problems.
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