Medea Character Analysis

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Who: Medea What: Her Husband, Jason left her and their children to marry Glauce, The daughter of King Creon Why: Medea needed to face that problem because she and her children were being banished by Creon and Medea is not the kind of woman who takes such mistreatment lying down. Medea had gone through a lot and she feels really betrayed by Jason because she had done so many terrible things just to be with him including killing her own brother and leaving Colchis where she was a princess. She must face this problem because she is already losing herself when Jason left her. Solution Attempted: She swears that she would take revenge. She makes a plan and that plan was the solution to her problem. In order to take revenge and her plan to work she convinces Creon to let her and the children stay for a few days. Creon agreed because he felt pity to the children. Medea then secured a safe passage and made a deal with Aegeus, The King of Athens. Medea tricked Jason into agreeing that he would ask Glauce to let their two sons to stay in Corinth and as a peace offering, Medea gave a gift to Glauce. Medea did not mention that the gift (gown and Golden Crown) was cursed. Result: She was able to do her plan and the result of it she was able to kill Glauce. Glauce’s body was caught in fire and when Creon saw this he was very distraught so he threw his body onto hers and he died as well. Medea didn’t stop there she wanted to leave Jason very devastated so she made a plan to kill their
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