Medea Literary Analysis

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Love is parasitic. Oftentimes perceived positively, it silently renders its host subservient to lust, irrationality, anger, and vengeance. The manipulative Greek sorceress Medea falls victim to this curse in Euripides’ tragedy Medea, where after falling deeply in love, her husband Jason leaves her for another woman. Heartbroken, she goes on a murderous crusade to exact her revenge that even results in the death of her children. Aspects of Medea’s quest are apparent in the relationships in Jesmyn Ward’s coming of age novel centered around Hurricane Katrina, Salvage the Bones. Medea’s enchanting and ruthless tendencies are showcased through Skeetah and his dog China’s unwavering bond through sickness and brutal dog fights; on the contrary, her downfall to emotion is displayed when Esch falls pregnant to Manny and despair ensues. Ultimately, Medea is a recurring symbol of feminine power and vulnerability to heartbreak seen through the relationships between Skeetah and China and Manny and Esch. Primarily, Euripides’ tragic play of Medea illustrates the deadly power of love gone awry. The tale begins when Medea, a powerful sorceress from Colchis, entrances Jason the Argonaut and betrays her father to help him steal the treasured Golden Fleece. They fall helplessly in love, and after returning to the kingdom of Iolcus, she manipulates the King’s daughters to murder their father in an attempt to win Jason the throne; however, Medea’s crimes result in their exile to

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