Medea Movie Vs Book

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Though there are differences that are noted in the film and book versions, the basic storyline remains the same as told by Apollonius. A similar thing that both the film and the book have in common is that Jason wants to find the Golden Fleece. Another similar thing about the film and the book is that Jason got the best men and ship in the world. The ship was named "Argo" in the book like in the film. Also the fact that Hera only helped Jason five times in both the film and book. As well as Pelias hates Jason and raids his place in Thessaly, also Medea and Jason falling in love. There was also a creature that was guarding the Fleece and Phineas was infected by the harpies. In each version Pelias kills Jason's dad and becomes the king of Thessaly and that the main characters stay the same.…show more content…
Another difference between the film and the myth is that in the Clashing Rocks scene. Instead of releasing a dove to fly between the rocks like the myth says the film states that Jason just throws an idol into the water. Poseidon rises from the sea and holds back the rocks. Another difference in the Clashing Rocks scene is that in the myth Medea and Jason don't meet until Jason arrives in Colchis. In the film, Jason finds Medea floating in the sea on a piece of a ship that had been destroyed by the rocks. She and Jason fall in love and she agrees to help Jason find the Golden Fleece. In the film the army is called the hydra tooth army while, in the book the army is called the dragon tooth
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