Medea's Speech Advantages

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Medea’s appeal to the woman of Corinth is poignant, powerful and above all, convincing. She uses her genders natural role as child-bearers to tear down the belief that women are the weaker sex. Medea states, ‘They say that we live a life in the house without danger, while they fight with spears. They think wrongly. For I would rather stand in the line of battle three times than give birth once.’ (Euripides 1993, Lines 248-52). Thusly, Medea skilfully crafts her analogy that the domestic home of a woman is no safe-haven nor is it free from suffering, rather, it is there that women are exposed to more danger than ever a soldier faced on the battlefields of war.
The power behind Medea’s speech exists in its objective relatability. Rather than
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