Medecins Sans Frontieres Case Study

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Introduction This is an organization that works all over the world with countries that are affected by disease outbreaks, offering medical aid to countries that are not able to sustain themselves medically. The victims of civil wars also get medical aid from the organization since it also operates in countries affected by war. Countries like South Sudan and Liberia are some of the beneficiaries of such organizations after being affected by conflicts. It does not rely on the affected country for financial aid but it has its own ways of financing its services and will always be there in case of an emergency. The offered services are unconditional and can therefore be of help to those who are not able to cater for their medical services when in a sticky situation. On the other hand it helps from areas that have had disease outbreaks like, Ebola, HIV/AIDs and H1N1. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international organization that was established in 1971. MSF is a collection of doctors and journalists who deal with people affected natural disasters and and treat people injured during a war. This group does not only offer aid but it also camps in warzones in order to help those who are hurt. Whenever there is an…show more content…
After it helped Liberia in controlling the spread of Ebola it really helped the and now its economy can grow, after Liberia was stricken with the disease different countries started issuing travel adversaries to their countries with some of ‘its neighboring countries closing their boarders while others cancelling their flights to Liberia. The country’s economy was at stake by then but now the Liberian government has s reason to smile thanks to the medical
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