Medi The Ethical Role Of Ethics In Sports

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Sports have gained significant media exposure over time. There is various television networks dedicated strictly to sports. With the popularity of sports, many sports journalists and columnists have become somewhat of celebrities. As a result, they have the duty of exhibiting valued ethical standards both publicly and privately. In order to set a positive example for their audience, the media must engage in behavior that is appropriate. What they say and do in their job and at home could easily influence their audience. As a result, the media has challenge of watching what they say. They need to make sure what they say is politically correct, but also factual. I would recommend media outlets to provide stringent coaching on what to say and when to say it. Lastly, I would recommend that the sports media not put forth their political beliefs.…show more content…
First and foremost, they hold the role of reporting on the news accurately and fairly. This means that their information not only has to be accurate, but also be fair to what or whom they are discussing. They cannot defame an individual’s character in order to promote their story. Additionally, the media holds the responsibility of not being too biased in what they are reporting. They cannot strictly cover one aspect of the story without shedding light on another. Additionally, the media has the ethical role of protecting anonymous sources, and legitimizing their sources. If their sources need to protect their identity, then the media must make sure that they do not compromise their privacy. Additionally, they need to do investigate their information and sources by making sure that the information is accurate and the source is credible. Lastly, the media can never plagiarize information, and if they get their information from other outlets, they must give credit to these

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