Electronic Media And Communication Essay

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Media is a multifaceted and elusive concept. The word media is defined as the means or channels of communication and information, and entertainment in society. It is the tool that is used to store and deliver information or data. The human communication dates back to ancient cave paintings, drawn maps, gestures and writing.
Media technology has made communicating increasingly easier as time has passed throughout history.
The start of human correspondence through planned channels, i.e. Not vocalization or signals, goes back to old buckle canvases, drawn maps, and composing.
The Persian Empire assumed an essential part in the field of correspondence. It has the main genuine mail or postal framework, which is said to have been produced by the Persian emperorcyrus the Great (c. 550 BC) after his triumph of Media.
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On the other hand, many traditional broadcast media favor one-to-many communication such as television, cinema, radio, newspaper, magazines, and also social media.
Electronic media use is emerging, One evaluation by Wellman finding that "33% of Internet clients said that the Internet had enhanced their associations with companions 'a great deal ', and 23% said it had expanded the nature of their correspondence with relatives by a comparative sum. Youngsters specifically exploited the social side of the Internet. Nearly half (49%) of the 18- to 29-year-olds said that the Internet had improved their connections to friends a lot. On the other hand, 19% of employed Internet users said that the Internet had increased the amount of time they spent working in home”
The importance of electronic media, as it is known in different circles, has changed with the progression of time. The term media has accomplished a more extensive significance these days when contrasted with that given it 10 years back.

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