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The term 'media ' is always heard in each individual .Each day and almost every moment of our life is closely related to the use of the media. Media is something that can distribute information to the receiver of information resources. Therefore, the media plays an important role in shaping a strong state in terms of Economic, Political and Social Affairs. This is because all the information can be delivered more easily and this will help the development process in every industry.
Understanding media can be associated with two things, namely, communications and computing. In communications, media can be construed as a stage - the stage is used to store and transmit data or information, such as advertising media, broadcast media, social media, digital media, new media and the news media. While in the field of computing, the media is something that is used in computer data storage devices. Media are also divided into two types of electronic media and print media.

Media is divided into two types of electronic media and print media.
The electronic media is a media that delivers an electronic form that uses the device built using electron technology or electrical technology. Examples of electronic media is television, radio, mobile phone and internet media internet.Contoh like (blogs, message boards, podcasts and video sharing). Electronic media can be defined as the level of technology that could replace paper media that we use.

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