Essay On Media And Gender Roles

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Media has always held a great influence over its targeted audiences, and therefore must be able to influence the views on societal norms that people hold in society itself. From this assumption, media can influence gender roles, particularly women’s roles, due to the portrayal of women in the media, as well. Throughout history, women’s roles have changed in comparison to the other gender. Furthermore, methods of propaganda, and of media in general, have changed as well, especially concerning gender roles. Significant time periods in which shifts of gender roles occurred were the Industrial Revolution, World War I, World War II, and as well as the introduction of Film Industry, which all included adaptations in their media to either cause a change of gender roles, or to adapt to one.
While the topic of the Industrial revolution
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Specific genders were not always attentive to, particularly in the labor behind creating the product ( In this advertisement, the company publicizes their use of a modernized machine, which one could assume was suited for making coffee, if they were to prioritize it in the advertisement. Due to the fact that the machinery is the focal point of this advertisement, as well as that the more modernized machinery not being associated specifically with either gender, the division of genders behind the workforce was not of utmost importance during the Industrial Revolution, due to the technology being the main focus in the media. If neither gender were focused on in media, then both would be able to attain generally equal, or neutral, roles in the era. While the Industrial Revolution was a critical step towards the neutralization in gender roles as well as women being allowed equal roles in society as men, it is only one of many that led to today’s gender
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