Media And Mass Communication

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Information is crucial input for decision making while media is an important source of such information. Media are of many forms of communication, which contained of print media, electronic media and information technology. Print media includes newspaper, magazines, pamphlets, and electronic media includes radio, television, cable network, audio cassettes, video cassettes, video games and the like whereas information technology includes computers, internet and various other magnetic data storage devices. All media have a common ability to provide information and make communication possible over larger distance. According to Gittin,2002, “The media saturate, drench and overflow our lives an endless torrent of words, images sounds”. It is the media, which connect people with machines and in turn create awareness in the society. According to Mahmood,2000, “Radio and television played a vital role in creating awareness”. Mass media have pervasive influence and considered as powerful agent of social change in the society. In the present digital age, societies are highly dependent on mass communication. Urbanization, industrialization and modernization have created the societal conditions for the development of mass communication. It performs the crucial functions of society and reflects social structure, functions and social values of a society. Media act as both causes and effects or in the language of social theory are both dependent and independent variables. The personality
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