Media And Mass Media

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As we all know the very first role of media in the society is to educate and inform the public, and for this reason it perform the role of agenda-setting which makes mass media audience to consider as important any issue which the media concentrate on, this study will be important to the field of environment because it will help in proposing a strategy for environmental programmes to stand a chance of being given priority in an era when environmental programmes are vying for and need more attention. Our civilization has evolve into an organized and developed society after a long period of time. In pursuit of materialistic comfort, the development became largely an economic activity for every society. In recent years there has been a considerable industrialization across the world and this concept of development, include many environmental problems within it. The problem of environmental degradation is becoming the central issue amid the development everywhere. Communication has been in the spotlight of development for the recent years or we can say that first, it is communication then the development takes place. It is interesting to note, given the basic function of communication as the root of human interaction, that is a planned process. So it is of considerable significance that communication has played dynamic role in the development of the society. Needs of the people encourages effective communication to reach the desired goal. (Servaes, 1996). Sustainable
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