Violence In Pornography Essay

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“The literal meaning of pornography is the delineation of the life of prostitutes through graphic representations of sexual conduct whose deliberate intentions is to arouse sexual desire and to facilitate its expression” (Yafee, 1982). According to a recent journal, it is stated that the theft of personal property and other crimes in Canada showed a decline of 21% as compared to the last ten years, but the crime rate associated with the sexual assaults remains stable- “the lone crime where there was no decline.” (Kohut, 2015). The influence of pornographic media is not only exploiting the image of women in Canadian society, but also men are affected by this erotic art. Due to issues of hierarchies, men are always perceived as a victimizer in the…show more content…
There are certain groups of feminists, who found that violence against women is systematic in pornography and hence, the pornographers have turned that violence into erotic spectacle. They state that erotic violence against women in pornographic media originate the ‘public terrorism’ for women. In the study it is found that “the majority of the pornography users are boys between the ages of twelve to seventeen suggests that pornography is having a profoundly regressive effect on boys and in consequence it does not augur well for their relationship with women” (Cole, 1989). Some feminist writers also have difficulty with liberal theory because liberal theory rejects the acceptance of conservative ideas. The Canadian feminist promotors designate the liberal theory with the name of- “harm as embracing harm to the community or to society in general.”. Likewise, the scholars of feminists also reject the conservative theory because the fundamental assumption of this theory is that “the ideal society is one in which women have a subordinate and
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