Media And Pornographic Media

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“The literal meaning of pornography is the delineation of the life of prostitutes through graphic representations of sexual conduct whose deliberate intentions is to arouse sexual desire and to facilitate its expression” (Yafee, 1982). According to a recent journal, it is stated that the theft of personal property and other crimes in Canada showed a decline of 21% as compared to the last ten years, but the crime rate associated with the sexual assaults remains stable- “the lone crime where there was no decline.” (Kohut, 2015). The influence of pornographic media is not only exploiting the image of women in Canadian society, but also men are affected by this erotic art. Due to issues of hierarchies, men are always perceived as a victimizer in the society (Canadian) rather than a victim, but there are several cases in which men were made to believe that he wasn’t masculine enough in his sexual engagement with a woman (Meulen, 2013). As it is said by River Redwood that “the pornography is about acting and performing only.” The pornographic media are an ‘idealized sexual fiction’ and it is not the best place to learn about the sexual behavior and human communication in the real world. It is more fiction than reality (Meulen, 2013). Pornography in literature is also limited by the Canadian government in order to decrease the crime rate of child sexual assaults. For example, the four judges of high court refused the publication of D. H. Lawrence’s because of the
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