Media And Racism

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Urbanears, citizens, beware! Media is still influencing how people think and they also contribute to racism. Just look at the news right now on live TV. After being arrested, African-Americans are 33% more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded that an African American male born in 2001 has a 32% chance of going to jail in his lifetime, while a Latino male has a 17% chance, and a white male only has a 6% chance. Only 6% chance! This is a sign of discrimination and racism. In 2009 African-Americans are 21% more likely than whites to receive mandatory minimum sentences and 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants. Again, the whites have it easier than the other races! During the 1960’s…show more content…
Before discussing the influence of mass media on society it is imperative to explain the three basic functions of mass media, they are providing news/information, entertainment and education. The first and foremost function of the media in a society is to provide news and information to the masses, that is why the present era is some time termed as the information age as well. Media in the 60’s was used in the same way, but now more technology is coming in and now people are being convinced by the media. More and More people are getting manipulated by the media

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