Media And Society: The Importance Of Media In Society

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1. Introduction Media is medium through which information , ideas , concept and feelings are shared with the peoples. For many years media has been the most important part of every nation infact it has been the source of rise and fall of any nation . Media is considered as a measuring meter of a country , character, its vitality and its values. The stronger nations are those who have ability to control their media and source of getting first hand info and using it as required. For a common man, the medium to provide the information regarding real world is media.
2. Todays media , has a very big roles to play in a progressing society. It not only allows the freedom of speech but also recognize the desire of people.
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The most important senses of a human body is controlled by the media because what ever we see and listen it remains in our mind and goes some where in our subconsious mind and remains there forever and only need a relative incident to appear at our concious mind it. Now in this modern era people are so enmeshed in this media trap that they leave everything for watching there favourite programmes on television and now talking in particular about the third world countries people have very little acess to outer world the main source of their entertainment and information is media. Media is providing different types of entertainment and information to us that…show more content…
From TV commercials and TV sponsors to bus stickers, banners, sign boards and now even on every eatable, we are being bombarded with advertising through out the day. Whether we realize it or not we are unable to escape it. The mass media are structured so that consumers are more or less forced to see/hear the advertisements. In a primitive form advertising has been around almost as long as the homo sapiens, in a recognizably modern form it has been around almost as long as2500 a year. The volume of advertising has been noticeably increasing year by year; it has already become an unavoidable way of life. Thousands of new television commercials are created each year, plus an unknown number of print ads, posters and direct mail shots running into many millions. One question concerning this is how much further will it go?

23. May people are unaware as to the extent that advertising is permeating modern culture. The truth is that people are falling victim to the internal war that is being fought in within our economy, Companies are competing against each other more than ever to win over the popularity vote, and increase sales What’s wrong with that? Some people may say no doubt we are benefiting from the amount of choice we now have in

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