Social Media And Its Negative Effects

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Social Media are is a facility internet-based which makes it easy user in varity of way such information, ideas, career, interests and other. The important thing is with social media, we can know more knowledge and communicate discuss about negative impact in social media From the many articles what i read is impact of social media. I see more negative impact than positive impact and if I think, negative impacts make more sense ande more impact than positive impact. So, I choose negative impact because social media can be damage a person’s physical or psychological, and it has happened a lot On the negative impact of social media this time, I will discuss the other weakest is antisocial. Antisocial is the attitude of someone
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The impact of ;azy that will cover the course of the ideals of our, because everytime must have a dream achieved, but with too much use social media someone will forget with life outside a fun.
Third, the negative impact of social media this time is cyber-bullying. A person who is a victim of bullying is more at risk of health problems, both physically and mentally. I have read some of the article aout a negative impact of social media with the impact of cyber bullying.cyber bullying is very bad for choldren, it can make a children depression, sleep problem and anxiety. Depression will make the child can invetend suiced.
Fourth, the negative impact of social media is addicter. In this world everyone has known social media and many people have also used social media. Even many parents are give the games or video in social media to their childrens so ther don’t cry. From that point, can make them addicted to social media and with such fragility can ruin their bright future. Addicted, addiction is the most common right in society, both young and old. Examples of addictions in young children are children prefer to play the gadget compared with reading books, helping the elderly, and activities outside the home. From that it has been proven that the exam scores in schools are not good, and because of lack of activity to make the body not fit and
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