Media And Unhealthy Lifestyles

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It is known that media plays an important role in changing our lifestyle habits. Likewise, media is responsible to promote healthy eating habits. By that being said, many questions might rise into the idea of does the media really promote a healthy lifestyle or does it promote otherwise? In the early 40s approximately the range of fast food had created a huge boom in food industry of the United State, which is definitely part of their culture. Since the United State is the most powerful country in the world, that has the authority to control many countries in many different aspects, yet media had succeeded in transmitting their culture in general, including their unhealthy food lifestyle, and this was shown in Hollywood movies, series or televisions shows. Many fast food companies, such as McDonald’s and KFC were contributed in advertising their food products through advertising them on TV, which hitherto, become the Media’s best income. There are group of people who believed that media has influenced the humanity’s healthy lifestyle negatively by promoting unhealthy eating habits, as they aired them on TV or advertising them through newspapers or magazines. However, the other group claimed that media recently is much different than it used to be, and in the present day they have become aware of people’s healthy lifestyle. This essay illustrates the role of media in promoting healthy lifestyles in giving some evidences of how media has influenced majority of people, once
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