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Summary of “Perceptions of Latinos, African Americans, and Whites on Media as a Health Information Source”

In America, there is controversy that not all races and ethnicities are covered by the media, especially when it comes to health concerns. “Perceptions of Latinos, African Americans, and Whites on Media as a Health Information Source” by Mollyann Brodie, Nina Kjellson, Tina Hoffman, and Molly Parker discusses how the media covers health that is mainly targeted at the white population and expresses the importance of informing the public about health for all races and ethnicities. People rely on mass media for information about health. The problem with this is that the majority of mass media is not very diverse and it is believed to focus on the health concerns of white individuals. It is also believed that if media is directed at other ethnicities, is it to feed into
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Proposes that people of different races receive different medical care. African-Americans have a shorter life expectancy than Whites. Hispanics are more likely to die from diabetes and African Americans are more likely to die cancer, heart disease and AIDS. This chapter talks a lot about the differences in care races receive. Chapter 9: Culture and Diversity in Health Organizations. Hiring health workers from different ethnicities bring new views points and can lead to creative problem solving. In the article, healthcare providers were the number one trusted source of health information. A more diverse health care staff can continue the increase of trust among these different ethnicities groups. Chapter 14: designing and implementing health campaigns. When designing health campaigns, one looks into the audience they want to target. The article expresses disparities in the information provided and they audiences they target. Not all audiences are getting the information that they are most concerned

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