Media Bias In Mass Media

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Good Morning everyone, welcome to my seminar presentation my name is Vincent and today I’m going to talk about Media and my focus is on whether or not the information contained on mass media platforms are biased. The term bias refers to the tolerance of personal opinions to determine judgment on opposing or supporting a particular party. The existence of mass media are separated into various different forms, however in this presentation specifically only news related media will be analyzed.
This presentation will argue that the information in mass media are not free from bias for the following reasons: Firstly, the existence of media bias causes provision of inaccurate information to the society And secondly, there a usage of Persuasion bias affiliating with Political affairs And Finally, the possibility of media bias broadening collective bias
I will begin my first point which is the provision of inaccurate information by defining sensationalism
According to (Kozakowska), Sensationalism is the method of exaggerating information in which news would make an appeal to invite more consumers, and commonly found in news headlines. This method of creating biased news through sensationalism has been adopted by news outlets until today. Instead of having the purpose to spread factual news, media outlets commonly report bias/ leaned news in order to achieve higher ratings and
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