Media Bias In The Media

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Media bias is the tendency for the media to represent different people in a particular way based on their own perspectives, the perspectives of their sponsors, and possibly the perspectives of society. Media bias could be obvious, but usually it is indirect. It can be presented in the substance of TV programs. It can be presented in the choices of sorts of stories that they show on the news. It can be presented in the dialect utilized on shows, and that is composed in the daily paper and magazines. Is it wrong for a reporter to add things to the news that is not real to make it more interesting? It can be if the reporter is tending to his bias thoughts and disregarding the objectiveness, fairness, and balance that he or she promised to do. Anyhow is this truly an issue in the media?. Regarding people who believe that media is always telling the truth, media do present biased information because it sometimes favors one side over the other, tells a lie until it becomes the truth, and it filters out or adds in news according to their theory. That sums up to a conclusion that our faith in the media myth is what brought us to what we have been today. Firstly, Media is blamed to be more favorable to one party over the other due to political, sociable or other reasons. Nowadays, people does not rely on one news program to get reports but instead they are turning to other news programs to adjust what is distributed by the other program. In an

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