Media Bias Research Paper

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. “Media bias is a perceived notion that the press has and is pushing a specific viewpoint, instead of reporting news or airing programs in an objective way”(What is Media). Media bias has been around for several years now and has become a huge controversial topic due to the fact that everyone has something to say whether the media is bias or not. Law enforcement is one big target when it comes to media bias. Particularly in the last decade due to many cases that collectively media tended to be bias and were not reporting all sides equally. An example of this is in New York, where the police shot several shots at three unarmed African Americans, killing a 23 year old individual named Sean Bell. This soon became political with the help of Reverend…show more content…
For this reason, very little is said on behalf of the police department during this lengthy period of time. Meanwhile, the media has limited amount of information with which to generate a story. Invariably much of that information comes from the angry and grieving relatives of the deceased”(The Media, the). Thus, stories from the media on most cases like these are one sided and they are painting a negative picture for the cops. For the most part, this how it usually happens with other cases regarding police brutalities and in recent cases race has played a big role too. A more recent case was the killing of an 18 year old named Michael Brown who was killed by a white police officer. The media played a huge role on spreading false information such as the phrase “Hands up, don’t shoot”. This was proven to be one hundred percent false, even the Justice Department confirmed it. Yet, the media kept it alive. As seen on news coverages on this case, the media did not clearly cover all sides
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