Media Changed Communication

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How social media has changed communication
1. Mode of communication is affordable globally
2. The global world is connected through social media sites hence people are closer to each other
3. Due to insecurity from cyber attack privacy has been infringed with spying of contents from social media users
4. There has been erosion of good communication skills with rampant grammatical errors with the kind of language communicated online
5. Communication with one another in families and close relationships has died down with constant look out of strangers online
Cloud computing is using servers in a remote network to manage data in the internet. It is changing business by making them easily accessible to clients globally at the click of a button at any time.
Electronically communication channel used by business people today
Email- it is simply to use and the recipient must have an email too. Email can be used to send text, graphics and any other information.
Intranet- used within the organization. It has limited capability of communication
Network message- these are pop ups that often come as a form of information on computer screens.
Twitter- a 140 character social site. With follows on a specific handle business people are influenced to sell their products and services since they have got a free market online.
Facebook- the largest social giant by population of its loyal fans. It has no limit of space to write content hence most appropriate
Messaging and texting - this is
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