Media Concentration: Marxism And Pluralism

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Callum Foley In this assignment the topics of both Marxism and pluralism will be discussed along with Media Concentration with other terms that are related to the subject at hand in a way that answers the question of "A large amount of power falls into the hands of small number of organisations." So, those are the things are which this assignment will hopefully cover to the best. Media Concentration is when the decrease of individuals and organizations own media outlets and "effectively concentrating the ownership of multiple organizations into the control of very few entities." (wiseGEEK, 2018) A example of Media…show more content…
Vertical Integration however "gives the media companies greater economic control over their operating environment." (TP, p781) Another example would be Convergence so what this means is with the growing number of different range of technologies like laptops, 3G/4G phones, Large High Definition TVs and games consoles and all of these allow for faster, streaming and downloading of information which can be used anywhere and cheaply. "Owners/controllers of media organizations have more power than those of other sectors due to power to influence popular opinion; and this can undermine the democratic process." (Doyle, 2002) and several individuals dominate ownership and content of most of British newspapers for example again Rupert Murdoch and his family who own the major publications in the…show more content…
It 's recognised as being both political philosophy and sociology, it attempts to remain scientific, systematic and its objective rather than normative and prescriptive. Marx suggested that the media is used as a tool by the bourgeoisie an example of this is when The Sun who openly supported the Conservatives during Margaret Thatcher 's reign as Prime Minister switched sides when the New Labour came around, The Sun supported them during the 1997, 2001 and 2005 elections and during the elections it was in fact Tony Blair leader of the labour party who had won all the elections stated. However, The Sun switched back to Conservatives in 2009 after supporting the Labour Party for 12 years. The following year David Cameron the then leader of the Conservative Party won the election so Marx is very much right when he says that the media is a tool by the bigger powers the support of newspapers like The Sun and The Times had a big impact during those crucial General Elections by expressing their political views onto their readers swayed people for 12 years to support the Labour Party and then the Conservatives when they switched back to them. The owner of The Sun and The Times is Rupert Murdoch who owns a number of Newspaper and Television companies like News Corp, The Sun, 21st Century Fox, The Times and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few. With owning all these numerous amounts of Television and Newspaper

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