Media Control In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984

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The book "1984" by George Orwell depicts Great Britain in the year 1984 where Great Britain is now renamed Airstrip One. In Airstrip One a high entity known as Big Brother along with a group called The Party control the citizens of Airstrip one. Big Brother and The Party are the government of Airstrip One and they control the citizens of Airstrip One by controlling two things, the media what gets said written and broadcasted on any source of media and they control the people 's perception of reality. "1984" tells us that Big Brother and The Party are able to control what the people perceive as real by controlling the minds of the people as said by a character in "1984", the character says "we control matter because we control the mind"(O 'brien page 264). An article written in the year 1984 published in the New York Times stated that George Orwell 's "1984" was "A simple warning to mankind". George Orwell wrote "1984" to warn mankind about governments controlling the media and by controlling the media controlling one 's perception of reality. I believe that the tools of media control and the control of one 's perception of reality can be used in present times today. Media control is a form of censorship that being on any kind or source of media, books, magazines, newspapers, or television. Control of one 's perception of reality is when someone or something controls how a person perceives reality meaning if one were to have control over ones perceptions of reality then they
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