Media Corrupted New Generations

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Racquel Sikkila
ELA: Academic 3

How Social Media Has Corrupted The New Generations

Social media has lead people to think that having it is the only way to live. Ever since the internet came to be, more suicides and depressed teens have come out of it. Could what had once started as a life changing invention, possibly become a secret evil to society without us knowing? Who knows what lies ahead in the future of social media, but it might not be entirely good. Not only has social media made people commit suicide, but it is also caused people, mainly young girls, to feel that they need to change the way they look. Discrimination has thrived since the birth of the internet. Matter of fact, social media has engulfed kids and adults and they no longer aspire to go outside and experience nature or the great outdoors. The existence of social media and the internet has led kids and teens to dig themselves into a hole they will not be able to get out of, here’s how and why.
Social media has led more people to commit suicide and fall into depression than ever before. Believe it or not, social media has not just caused it, but it has also recommended it. Right now there are over 240 websites about how to kill yourself (Am J Public Health), which in my opinion is shocking, because why on Earth would anyone ever want to create or use a website like that. No way should someone ever suggest suicide more so encourage it to the world’s youth. Another way suicide has been
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