Media Culture And Communication Process

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Humans spend a good amount of quality time with the mass media – watching television, watching movies, surfing the internet, listening to the radio, playing music, reading books and newspapers etc. As if not enough, social networking sites bring millions of people together and keep them connected and busy. Thus, people across the globe are connected to each other, meeting in different languages, being exposed to different customs, norms and values and indeed, to different cultures. Prior to the increasing cultural content and information technology advancements people hitherto had small-scale interactions, on a day-to-day basis within their proximity and neighborhood. It was a cultural setting passed on, and formed largely by intimate interaction. The…show more content…
The media by virtue of its vast coverage widens human horizon and creates the extended possibilities for cross relations and lived experience of mankind, irrespective of race and cultural patterns.
The Media, Culture and Communication Process: The mass media is said to be the variety of channels through which mass communication takes place. Mass media involve those forms of media that are created, designed and used to reach very large audiences. The mass media is divided into electronic and print and, more recently, the interactive media. Each medium, electronic or print has its own peculiarities. Mass media are all forms of technologically mediated, institutionally organized and spontaneously expressed forms of social communication in the rural and urban areas which include radio, television, newspaper, magazines and most recently, the interactive media . Mass media involve a process in which professional communicators design and use media instruments to disseminate messages widely, rapidly, and

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