Media's Negative Effects On Children And Teenagers

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The media which includes such as TV, internet and newspapers has a significant effect on children and teenager’s daily lives and habits. Due to big changes of the technological developments these media components become more versatile and become more popular in life. In these days, it is not possible to imagine our lives without any internet connectivity or not watching TV. Children and juvenile are under influences of these media factors extremely and this causes some problems. Usage of media unconsciously affects children and teenagers negatively in two main cases which are influences over their physical and behavioral developments.

To begin with, the media affects children’s and teenagers’ physical developments negatively. Firstly,
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To begin with, children and teenagers act more aggressive in their behavioral developments as a result of their exposure to the violence face of the media. For example, there are too many TV shows and movies include violence and the young people’s attention to these is rising as well. Especially young boys who faced with violent contents mostly see that aggressive behavior is the only way to solve the difficulties in life and thus their behavioral and attitudes changes in the same direction due to lack of decision making. They are not aware of that kind of changes in their life because they believe what they see in the early growing ages. In addition to this, not only movie scenarios or series but also real events in life containing violence damage children and teenagers in a bad way. They see such as murder, rape or robbery on news or other media component and viewing violent change a teenager’s or child’s behavior. In very early ages, they think these events are normal and become familiar for them. Secondly, children and teenagers grow to more prone to dangerous behavior because of the media effect. There are several commercials on television and public advertisement which includes alcohol and cigarette as a cool product and they want takes the attention of the people with smart words and attractive colors. In addition to these alcohol and cigarette commercials, there are some celebrity stars who smoke or using alcohol in their movies and these movies can teenagers’ favorite movies and characters. For example a famous character which in role in a brave man using cigarette or alcohol in movie. When teenagers especially by boys see that, they become more prone to use what the character uses. He thinks that when I smoke, I will more brave in my life or to be cool alcohol is essential. Moreover, these kinds of movies are not clear to say the negative cases of smoking

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